Baccarat, game changer [#百家乐 #바카라 #バカラ #bacará #баккара́ #บาคาร่า]

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If it’s hard to abandon this game, it would be better to aim for being a game-changer.

Actually, anyone can develop and combine skills and strategies that fit them.

On the other hand, because most of you were tamed by casinos, it’s not easy to break the invisible frame they made on purpose.

Those who want to enjoy the game and casinos, regardless of whether to lose money or not, would do better to ignore my advice.

However, if you’re eager to conquer this game, start to shape your own independent set of values on the game.

The starting point must be an invincible player who never bet in the casino. That way, you would lose nothing even if you fail. And, at least, you could break one frame of casinos that lures you into betting.

Some of you might know that I’m proficient in winning bet only once in one Shoe. When I play a warm-up game, I keep winning only 1 unit in the different Shoes consecutively until I lose 1 unit.

The basis of that was betting only once whenever I went to the casino. And it was my first stage of the game-changer after years of self-training as an invincible player.

No matter how long I stayed in the casino, I placed a bet only once. Fortunately, it worked for me very well.

What do you think the next stage was?

It was not increasing the number of bets but the amount of a wager. There was a snowball effect by this alone.

There was another long time before I started to increase the number of bets and use viable betting strategies. It’s because I could achieve enough what I pursued in the beginning stage of the game-changer.

If you are ready to play a real money game someday, try to test this first stage of the game-changer discreetly.

Some of you already know or can figure out some types of bet decisions I always win. Actually, I elaborate on those most frequently in my training videos over and over.

I developed and accumulated those during my stages of the invincible player and the game-changer. So, it could also work for someone who masters those.

However, that’s only my private experience and opinion. Most importantly, stay on beyond the casino’s frame and develop viable skills.

Again, I never encourage this game. But if you couldn’t quit the game, try to make yourself a game-changer.