Baccarat, selecting Shoe [#百家乐 #바카라 #バカラ #bacará #баккара́ #บาคาร่า]

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If you play a game in a Shoe that your skills don’t work for, you inevitably lose the game.

Selecting a Shoe that fits your skills is the last stage of mastering the Baccarat game.

It’s because cultivating the ability to select Shoe is not possible without well-developed betting skills. On top of that, you need as many experiences with suitable Shoes as possible.

I want to say about selecting Shoe this time because I’m getting asked that question all the time.

My members who learn and train from my real game videos updated every three days might know well. I select Shoe for the warm-up game or the main round. And the main round is divided into two kinds.

Selecting Shoe for the “warm-up game“
The goal of the warm-up game is to achieve one unit per one Shoe.
So the criteria are diverse and its applications broad. And it doesn’t take considerable time to select Shoe.
All I always do is only to find one clue on the entire Scoreboard of each Shoe.
That could be one of the patterns, flows, and regularities on the Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road.
FYI, I can almost see all Derived Roads by only seeing the Big(Main) Road thanks to long hard training.

Selecting Shoe for the “main round“
In the main round, I expect many opportunities to win bets. To make it happen, I should take a closer look at the Scoreboard of each Shoe entirely.
I’m heavily dependent on finding one of the profitable Shoes, including favorable Shoes, for its success.
If I fail to find it, I never move forward to the main round. That’s why I rarely fail the game.
The ultimate goal of selection Shoe is making it perfectly feasible to play games only I always win.
As mentioned earlier, the main round is divided into two kinds. One is ordinary betting play. The other is particular betting play prospecting the intense(long) pattern.
In the case of the latter, it means that the intense(long) pattern is predictable by the process of selecting Shoe.

Everyone has some types of Shoes that each one can always win. On the contrary, everyone has some types of Shoes that each one always overwhelmingly loses.

Make sure you’re still struggling with Shoes you’ll never win.

No matter how long it takes, waiting for the right Shoe for you is much better than losing money.

The more you know and experience a lot, the more opportunities to find the right Shoe for you.